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Friday, July 18, 2014

Dedicated to all the बाटो को केटाहरु

हिड्दा  बाटोमा हजुर बाटोमा
कती  नजरहरु  आफुतीर परछन
हजुर नजरहरु केटा  मान्छे को नजर
नजरहरु मात्र होईन, शब्दको वाणहरु 
हजुर शब्दको वाणहरु हान्छन देखेर 
"गिद्ध को अगाडी मासु " रे, यी शब्दको वाणहरु
शब्दको वाणहरु संग नजरहरु हजुर नराम्रा नजरहरु 
मुख देखि खुट्टा सम्म हेर्ने नजरहरु 
छोटो मिनीस्कर्ट , जीन्स पाइंट वा  कुर्तासाल्वार 
नजरहरु नराम्रा नजरहरु सबैमा परछन हजुर सबैमा 
नाङ्गो छैन तैपनि हेर्ने नजरहरुले  नंगो पारछन 
हजुर ती नराम्रा नजरहरु 
शब्द यसरी खसाल्छन् जसरी सुनामी 
हजुर शब्दहरु ती नराम्रा शब्दहरु 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

अब सधै जस्तो  रहेन हाम्रो सम्बन्ध
कतै  कही  रोकीनै पर्छ हामी
किन हो अब मलाई एउटा ठहराब चाहिए को छ
जादा जादा गन्तब्य हिन हुने हो की
केहि धमिलो देखन थालेकी  छू

केहि कुरामाँ म संकीर्ण हुन थलेकि छू

मुटु नै  हो धेरै उड़ने सपना देखेकी छू
कुनै कैदी भएर बस्नु छैन मलाई
तिमी संगको साथ खोजेकी  छू
सफल हुन्छु जस्तो लाग्छ तर अझै
 सपनामा हराएकी  छू
आखा खोली देखेको सपना मेरो
कतै साथ छूटने पो हो की
कालो बादल हट्ने 
सपना देखेकी छू 

Monday, March 10, 2014

[ Father ] a peculiar word to me....
I didn't thought "Father" this word will be so peculiar to me,
As time goes by i wonder what is the real meaning?,
I missed you so many years,
But it seems you don't care,
When you didn't call or send any letter,
I lived in fear so many year,
Everybody says "a girl is a princess of her father"
But when it comes to me,
I was neither princess nor daughter,
When you say i was the reason,
Reason that you left,
Left all of us in misery,
One day when you say,
 You are not my daughter,
I wonder how did you felt,The day
i born,
i don't like to fill up any form,
Because there is written your father's name,
I always ignore it, and don't write your name because of shame,
Shame, what you did in your past,
Shame when you tell everyone,
I was dead to you,
Those words stuck in my heart like a fat,
I couldn't breath, and got a little heart attack,
I cried for you,
I don't know how it feels to have a father,
When i was teen, there was no one to guide me how boys are gonna be,
There was no one to scold me to study for my exams,
There was no you,
"Father" a peculiar word to me.....

Monday, January 20, 2014


Without knowing me
You make me part of your dream
There was a fire in my heart,so deep
But i was in dark side
Hoping you won't see 
I felt a pinch of guilt to make you know
How i felt it lately, the feeling that grow
The storm reaches into me
And have taken  me away
I wasn't there
I thought i was there
But i was not
Why you have came this late
I think this is fate
Which i haven't believed anyway
For this time i want to close my eyes
And make you lead my way
I didn't knew i lead you all this way and

Leave you there all alone

I thought i was alone but you were there all along
You said you will be happy
Happy only if your dream will come true
I didn't want to took you 
And make you feel, like a autumn leaf
With all those mix feelings 
You said you will wait, for like shooting star
Wait until this fate change, but its making scar
Scar in my heart, so deep
Why after all this, i can't see blue sky 
Am i going blind? or it's just like a fire fly 
We feel this way, I am confused
But you were not, and now i'm caged in you
Is this right?I don't know 
All this boundary is making me feel sick
I can't watch the clock tick 
Is this love or just a trick
Trick,fate is playing with us
With our feelings, deep in my heart
There you go, like a rain drop
I couldn't catch it by my hand
I need something that will hold
But i don't know what is that 
Cause i'm confused...... oh so confused

Monday, December 30, 2013

When we first talked i feel like i was complete
Never thought you will be my friend and more than that it was so sweet 
I should have never told you my feelings
You said let me be free and I let you 
But in the end i was trapped in you
I was afraid, What if i stumble in the future and lose you as a friend ?
I want to create a line between us, the line which tells that we are friend
I was attracted by you not of your looks or charm 
And of course because you make me hopeful and free
We are friends so long but i was going another way
I don't know what leads me that way
I was startled by you like a kid  when he saw a fireworks
Hey don't get me wrong i am just a girl 
 It is late, will be always 
I will be always asking myself why why why and why i realized it so late..

Here i am laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling
Some tears roll down as i was missing you with all my feeling
I don't know why i always miss you so badly
Even we met but that's not enough for me.
Days are getting older as i am
But that doesn't make my love less then yesterday
It grows with time and i know in my heart that how much i love you
Getting you in my life is like dream come true,
You are like rain in June and July so right,
You have that priceless smile i can't have enough.
You take that place in my heart, nobody can replace.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Journey......

Before 6-7 month ago i was rushing and shuffling my charts and markers through many schools as a peer educator and facilitator of DANCE4LIFE, ooooo name does sound interesting and fun right!  dance4life is a global campaign which works against HIV and AIDS and support PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV & AIDS with the help of DANCE and MUSIC. D4L is implementing by RESTLESS DEVELOPMENT (YOUTH LEAD AGENCY) in Nepal which believe in youth power, and their motto is YOUTH ARE NOT FOR TOMORROW BUT FOR TODAY...... i was so amazed and stunned by the methodologies of d4l to train the PEER EDUCATOR & FACLITATOR about D4L, HIV and SRH ( SEXUAL REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH) so comfortably, because in our society there are taboo, barrier to talk about HIV and SRH openly. when i was in my peer educator training it was life changing for me cause i get to know so many things about HIV & SRH  that i haven't know or heard from my family, society or school, it help me to open my eye towards the PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV & AIDS. Many people have negative perception about people who went to clinic and health post to buy a CONDOM. I was also one of them but when in my training my trainer told us about the advantages of condom, that it can protect us from the HIV and STI (SEXUAL TRANSMITTED  INFECTION) and also from unwanted pregnancy it changes all my perception.You would ask how with dance and music? we have our own d4l song which is same in all country where d4l is dong its work. which goes like this: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FIR LIFE, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD........ HIV AND AIDS WE CAN BEAT IT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY ......  it goes on and on like this in a dancing beat with drill.Drill is performed in HEART CONNECTION TOUR by facilitator who are in group of nine or eight people with lots of energy and positive perception. We try to inspire the young mind with dance and music with brief knowledge of HIV/AIDS.
Thanks to d4l it changes my perception towards the world in a positive way and let me be the part of it. Cheers..............